I Am Kevin Wilkerson

Marketing Specialist that excels in Graphic Design, Multi-Media, Photography, and Videography.

THEKEVINWILKERSON.COM showcases past and current projects that have been worked on for various companies across unlimited industries. Currently residing in Evansville, IN as the Associate Product Manager at Bear Archery.

Logo Development

Simple & Sleek

Create a partnership to develop the look and feel of your company or brand. Contact for quotes.

Product Photography

Highest Quality

Got a new product that needs high quality sharp photographs that compliment your marketing campaign?

Outdoor Based Videos

Rough but Refined

Outdoor based videography and production. Shooting, Editing, Exporting, Uploading. Rest Assured.

Faith Based Videos

Living Life with Others

Need a Faith Based video for a sermon series, advertisment, blog, or website? Full production assistance found here.


KW Productions is an outdoor based video production brand that films, edits, exports, and uploads outdoor footage. With various camera equipment available, KW productions is able to travel and film hunts across the U.S.

Youtube Page


Anchor Visual Arts provides inspirational high quality video production to companies, churches, and individuals. Specializing in "Faith Based" productions such as online devotionals, church sermon series announcements, and DVD devotional productions.

Anchor Home Page


Escalade Sports owns multiple brands. The youtube channels are under various brands but are shot and producted at Escalade Sports headquarters in Evansville, IN. The marketing department is responsible for creation and development.